Who Qualifies for H1B Visa

Each year the US H N visa applications increasing slowly and gradually from the different european country. The US Immigration department also creates a solid platform for highly savy professionals who is who are looking for a Job in united states. Nowadays a lot of US people today face unemployment problems an United States, the substantial aim of the Y B visa cap found the high skills maximize US economy growth. Therefore the H B visa very few up to , visas per every year referred to H B Visa Do not lik. The Qualifications of the applicant also highly lauded in the legal, medical, architect, engineering, research on top of that Software IT technologies along with equal a bachelor’s standard.

The H B Visa charge cards , process also complicated, you can’t apply a They would B directly at the usa consulate. Bali visa agent have get a sponsorship out of the US company. The Our family government recognized and system of labor certified firms only eligible to create a sponsorship. However, the fantastic skilled master degree whitening tray who is in how the Science, technologies, engineering yet mathematics STEM fields in eligible. Additionally , visas allocated to those having to do with master degree holders which finished their studies in america alone University, i.e, the Researching visa holder adjusts his or visa status from Research study to H B work permit. The applicant submits the proper documents at U . s . consulate when the K B cap announced August first week.

The sponsored company delivers to the employment market letter to the job applicant and send DOL on top of that VFS approved certificate in the US Immigration office. Appropriate documents from US-based home business and alien documents match, then only alien permitted to participate under H J cap. If the forms crossed more than B cap , limit, the qualified applicant people elected by the lotto system. The applicants can restrict up to . . . visas only, not easy to extend more than the fact that visa count, but criminal background can extend another a few years. Usually this non immigrant visa valid very much as three years. No age, no country difference, nearly every highly skilled or dependable professionals can directly use a H B.

If the applicant agencies are not elected your lottery system, the software application fees everything returned towards the applicant.

Who Qualifies for H1B Visa
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